Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lorraine Dille Williams

I came across this picture of Lorraine Williams over at Monte Cook's website. Williams was in control of TSR from 1985 til 1997 when she sold the company to WotC. I have heard so much about her and controversial role in running TSR that it was interesting to see what she looked like back then. The picture was taken in 1992.



  1. Lorraine Williams where is she now.

    That photo is shudder-worthy.

  2. What the hell is she wearing?

  3. @Jim: Monte Cook's site says "In Summer 1992 TSR President Lorraine Williams (in characteristically interesting dress) broke ground for the warehouse expansion". Sounds like that was her style. As Rizak pointed out elsewhere, this isn't a very good picture. Let me know if someone has a profile picture or something.

  4. Some subjects aren't capable of producing good pictures.

    Looking at that thing, the words "she-beast" and "pack animal" spring to mind.

  5. There is a better one at ENWorld


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