Monday, August 27, 2018

European D&D/MtG handcuffed and denied entry to the USA

Anna Steinbauer, Magali Villenue and Titus Lunter were travelling to the USA  on the ESTA visa-waiver. The three artists known for their work on D&D and Magic The Gathering were denied entry and instead hand-cuffed and detained for 11 hours. Their ESTAs appear to be permanently cancelled.

Titus Lunter reports the following via Twitter:

Please help me understand how this happened. :(


Andahar Coat of Arms

Years ago, I was working on coats of arms for various noble houses of Blackmoor. I guess I never got around to sharing all of them. Here's one I found on my hard disc. The bird on the crest should ideally be a swooping hawk as depicted in DA1 p 18, but this was the closest thing I could find. 

Maybe someone has a better depiction out there?

PS: Thanks to my friend Yaztromo for bugging me enough to dig this one out!  :)


Melissakainen is running Castle Blackmoor for 10$

  Melissakainen is running an online Castle Blackmoor oneshot game. She will be using the OD&D rules. The event costs 10$ for those inte...