Friday, February 24, 2023

DaveCon 2023 Events Announced


DaveCon is returning with its second convention and organizer Victor Dorso just revealed some more details about this year's events:

DaveCon in Bloomington MN is April 13th thru 16th. 

  • Special guests include David Wesely and other members of the original Black moor crew. 
  •  Games auction with some Black moor & other classic games and set pieces.
  •  1E vs 5E tournament 
  • First Campaign ( Black moor ) 
  •  Empire of the Petal throne 
  •  Braunstein 
  •  Dawn patrol 
  •  Don't give up the ship 
  •  And plenty of other classic games along with new games and products.

Any readers of this blog who are planning on making the trip this year? :)

More details and discussion of this article at The Comeback Inn. Go here.


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