Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Greg Svenson's Tonisborg to be published as part of Blackmoor Documentary Kickstarter

The City and Dungeon of Tonisborg has long historic ties to Dave Arneson's Blackmoor. Greg Svenson, whom Dave has described as one of his most enthustiastic players, developed this area of map in Dave Arneson's Campain. When Dave added the city of Vestfold, named after a region in Norway, Greg made adjustments so that Tonnisborg became relocated on a small island that is part of the greater City of Vestfold, the largest city in the Kingdom of Blackmoor.

 People who want to learn more about Tonisborg are now in for a treat. As reported by the Secrets of Blackmoor Website, Greg Svenson is working with the producers of the documentary project "Secrets of Blackmoor". The plan seems to be that Tonninsborg will be a published adventure which will be a "thank you gift" to those who invest in the Kickstarter for the Documentary. Also involved with the Tonnisborg module are Dan Boggs (aka Aldarron), publisher of Champions of ZED and Dragons at Dawn and Bob Bledsaw II of Judges Guild.

 The whole "invest in Kickstarter for documentary to get a module" sounds a bit complicated to me and I think I would have preferred to have a separate Kickstarter for the Tonisborg project, but in any case I am really curious to see what this module will be all about. Having Aldarron on board with this project makes me even more optimistic as he is a talented game designer and someone with intimate knowledge of Blackmoor. If you are curious to see more of Greg Svenson's ideas for Blackmoor, make sure you get the free PDF booklets by Greg hosted at The Comeback Inn.

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Happy Birthday Keith Parkinson

"Today would have been Keith's 60th Birthday! Let's all take a moment today to raise a glass and toast to Keith and wish him a Happy 60th! Thank you all for your continued love and support." (post by-Donna Parkinson) 


 Parkinson was one of the great Fantasy artists. Today is a good day to appreciate his art. :)


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Dave Arneson Game Day 2018 Highlights!

Painting by Viktor Mukhin 

Dave Arneson Game Day 2018 was a great success! Many people all over the world participated and contributed in various ways. Some simply ran or played games, which is afterall the heart of the hobby. Others shared ideas, material and greetings on the Internet. I cannot cover everything in this blog post and I ask that you please add things in the comments that I have not included. I will edit this post to include more. However, some highlights include:

Original Blackmoor Player and Comeback Inn Alumni

  • Greg Svenson's sourcebook: GS3 Newgate Castle Gazetteer, with foreword by Dave Arneson.
  • Interview with David Fant, the first baron of Blackmoor, at Dan Bogg's blog

Corporations and Game Designers
  • Goodman Games two-part article on Dave Arneson by James Maliszewski
  • TSR alumni and Calidar Creator Bruce Heard's tribute to Dave Arneson

Fan Created Game Materials for Blackmoor
  • Living Blackmoor - Campaign and Adventure Collection for Advanced Fighting Fantasy by Yaztromo
  • Spooky Blackmoor - Gaming material for Savage Worlds by Boddynock at the Gnomish Embassy Blog

And More!
Many people left comments, on the Facebook event group, in the Facebook Group Blackmoor Fans, at The Comeback Inn, on The Piazza, ENWorld, Dragonsfoot, OD&D74 and other forums. 

Remembering Uncle Duke
Duke "Uncle Duke" Seifried passed away ony two days prior to this year's Dave Arneson Day. Not only an important figure in our hobby, but also someone who was important to Dave Arneson and his circle. This left a definite mark on this year's event. Our thoughts go to Duke's family and friends. 

Final words
Thank you so much to everyone for participating. Some of us are doing Blackmoor Week all of this week so more Blackmoor related material will be appearing in the coming days, so stay tuned!

If you want to read more about Dave Arneson Day 2018 or want links to the free downloads and other items mentioned above, visit the Comeback Inn for this link:

Official Dave Arneson Game Day 2018 Thread at The Comeback Inn

See you next year!


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