Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Pathfinder AP for Blackmoor fans?

I have previously suggested that Numeria is the equivalent of Blackmoor in Pathinder's Golarion Setting. I was therefore disappointed by Paizo officials making statements suggesting that they were never going to do much with this part of their setting.

Now I am pleasantly surprised to learn that Paizo developer/author James Stutter has announced definite plans for an entire Adventure Path with connections to Numeria. Sharing Blackmoor's elements of combining technology and fantasy, this could mean that the adventure path could also be adapted to our favorite setting!

Furthermore, new Numeria themed monsters will be appearing in the Pathfinder Inner Sea Beastiary which is being planned for release this fall. I will definately be picking up these items!

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IMG Source: Humans of Golarion

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tales from the Old Lands: Adventure Now Available

While waiting for the rest of the Blackmoor MMRPG Season 2 episodes, take a look at Tales from the Old Lands, an excellent adventure easily adapted to any edition. Enjoy!

Go here to download.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Arneson Auction is Up

So the Arneson Auction is up at last. Its interesting to see the items listed in the first batch. Although I am more interested in the items coming further down the line, it is interesting to see what sort of RPG items Dave Arneson owned. Some were doubtlessly gifts and perhaps items bought to collect. Still it would be interesting to know what items he used for gaming in the later days. For instance, there are reports saying Dave Arneson loved his copy of the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. Its interesting to see how the collection include personal favorites of mine like Master of the Desert Nomads, the Orcs of Thar Gazetteer and other BECMI items. I wonder if he ever used them in play?


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Busy Week for Arneson Fans

So much has happened over the course of this week I dont really know where to start. First there is the relevation that Arneson's personal library is to be sold on an auction. I am filled with a mix of joy that this material will be taken care of and a feeling of concern if these documents are to be locked into some vault, never to be seen again.

Then there is Aldarron's excellent analysis of another obscure Arneson document; the manuscript for  Beyond This Point Be Dragons. That Arneson had prepared a kind of alternate D&D that noone really knew about is pretty amazing. Aldarron has provided a great analysis of the work, but I am also wondering about the things not mentioned in that analysis. Could there be more lore about Blackmoor there?

Also from Aldarron, the Champions of ZED project is up on kickstarter with over 50 backers already. This "Zero edition" game will also incorporates elements from Beyond this Point Be Dragons. At the same time, poster RadagastTheBrown is working on another project for a system based on Arneson inspired combat.

On a less Blackmoor related note, Bruce Heard recently posted his long awaited treatsy on the Goatmen of Kavaja for the Mystara setting.

With all of this happening, I am so busy reading that I hardly have time to write! I promise you though, there will be more thoughts on all of these topics in the days to come!

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