Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Pathfinder AP for Blackmoor fans?

I have previously suggested that Numeria is the equivalent of Blackmoor in Pathinder's Golarion Setting. I was therefore disappointed by Paizo officials making statements suggesting that they were never going to do much with this part of their setting.

Now I am pleasantly surprised to learn that Paizo developer/author James Stutter has announced definite plans for an entire Adventure Path with connections to Numeria. Sharing Blackmoor's elements of combining technology and fantasy, this could mean that the adventure path could also be adapted to our favorite setting!

Furthermore, new Numeria themed monsters will be appearing in the Pathfinder Inner Sea Beastiary which is being planned for release this fall. I will definately be picking up these items!

More on this topic here.


IMG Source: Humans of Golarion


  1. Thanks for the post. Numeria is the area of Golarion, I've always been the most fond of. I must confess it has more to do with reminding me of Thundarr than Blackmoor, but that's due to my ignorance of the setting. I thought I'd point out that Tim Pratt's forthcoming Pathfinder Novel it least has elements of Numeria, if it's not set there.

  2. There are a couple of long flashbacks in my upcoming City of the Fallen Sky that take place in Numeria -- one involves the Silver Mount, another part of the palace at Starfall. It's a great setting to play with.


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  Happy Gary Gygax Game Day 2023!