Monday, May 8, 2023

Dave Arneson's True Genius Now as PDF from Rob Kuntz and TLS


I just got an email informing me about this the other day. Rob Kuntz and Three Line Studios have sold out the first print run of Dave Arneson's True Genius by Robert J. Kuntz:

Now available as PDFs! Previously published in print format and recently sold out, Rob's treatise Dave Arneson's True Genius and iconic adventure module Dark Druids are now – for the very first time – available in downloadable PDF format, exclusively from Three Line Studio Store! And there is more! Special Offer (20% off) when ordering them together as part of the DATG-DARK DRUIDS Bundle (*valid until 5th July 2023). Happy gaming!

Visit the Three Line Studios here

Rob Kuntz is a name that should be well known to all old school gamers and I would also like to say that Rob has always been supportive of Dave's legacy and he was extremely helpful to me when I was starting out exploring this topic on my blog. Dave Arneson's True Genius belongs on the shelf on any self respecting admirer of D&D's origins. 

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Don't Give Up The Ship - No Not Dave's Game


Imagine the surprise of this old school gaming fan when he thought he had discovered a new release of Dave's old game.

Still, can't complain about the title! :)


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