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Threshold #5 Mystara Fan Magazine is Out: Focus on Davania

Another great thing that happened on Dave Arneson Game Day yesterday was the release of the 5th issue of Threshold, the fan magazine for the D&D World of Mystara. With an editorial group working out of The Piazza and working with the Vaults of Pandius , this fan project has moved from being a great idea to proving to the gamer community that this is a magazine that has come to stay. As in the past, the current issue is professionally laid out with high quality illustrations and well written articles and beautiful maps. #5 focuses on Mystara's southern continent of Davania, a place that never got much detailed coverage in official material. Go here to download ! -Havard

Dave Arneson Game Day 2014

Today is Dave Arneson's Anniversary. Join us in this annual celebration of D&D's co-creator and one of the founders of the RPG hobby. Places to visit on this day: This Blog! The Comeback Inn - The Forum for Dave Arneson's Blackmoor: Blackmoor Fans Facebook Group: Blackmoor Forum at The Piazza: Blackmoor Forum at OD&D74: Gnomish Embassy: Let me know what else you are doing in gaming today! Here is an overview of Dave Arneson Game Days since 2010 . -Havard