Monday, December 11, 2023

Professor Dungeon Master as Special Guest for DaveCon 2024


DaveCon 2024 has been announced for April 26.- April 28. This will be the third time DaveCon is organized, still with Victor Dorso at the helm. Dan Masters, known as Professor Dungeon Master, from his Youtube channel Dungeon Craft will be among one of the special guests this year. I have long enjoyed his videos where he promotes our hobby, often with a focus on older editions. 

Other special guests include Blackmoor and Dave Arneson Alumni such as David Wesely, Mike Carr, Dave Megarry, Ken Fletcher and William Hoyt. As with previous years it is great to see the original players and associates of Dave support this convention. I believe that Victor Dorso has shown that he is interested in making this convention a true celebration of Dave's legacy and the origins of Dungeons & Dragons, the game that Dave created with Gary Gygax. 

Are you going to DaveCon 2024? If you were going, what would you be most interested in experiencing there? 

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