Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Exploring the Vales of Blackmoor

Heroes of the Vales is the second chapter in my Play by Post Campaign. Hosted at the Comeback Inn, this game is  set in the Vales, a remote region west of Blackmoor. It has been great running this game for a group consisting of some of the most hard core Blackmoor fans on the Internet, including Greg Svenson who was a regular in Dave Arneson's original campaign.

One of the great things about the Vales is that it is a region where very little has been detailed in published sources. This offers a lot of creative freedom. On the other hand, one of my goals is to preserve a certain Blackmoor atmosphere for the campaign. Most recently I revealed to my players a map of a much greater area of the region than they had seen before...


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mystara Tuesday!

Mystara Monday would have sounded better. Maybe that is a plan for next week?

Anyway, a lot of people assumed Mystara had disappeared back in 1996. However, locations and characters strongly associated with Mystara keep showing up in every edition. Most recently the Isle of Dread is revealed to be included in the latest installment of the D&D Next Playtest Package!

The Mystara fan community has always been a strong one of course, currently with its main base at The Piazza. If anything this fan community was strengthened by the return of Bruce Heard earlier this year. After a brief break, Bruce, who also is a member of the Comeback Inn, has now resumed posting Mystara material at his blog, where he just completed his article series on the Alphatian Kingdom of Bettelyn.

So if you are a Mystara fan like I am, this is a good time to be on the Internet!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scourge of the Mage Wars

One of the bloodiest times of Blackmoor's history is known as the Mage Wars. As more and more mages learned to make use of the strong magical energies of the North, the rivalry between them gradually grew into  open hostilities. Among the Wizard Warlords, the most ruthless at this time was probably the Half-Elf known as Raddan Goss. It was only with his defeat at the hands of the Skelfer the Arch Mage that the Mage Wars came to an end. I have previously speculated that the energies released in battling Raddan Goss was what eventually awakened an ancient evil, sleeping in the deep waters near Blackmoor.

The legacy of Raddan Goss lives on even in later day Blackmoor, as revealed in Night of Goss, a recently released episode of Blackmoor the MMRPG over at the Comeback Inn.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Last Days of Blackmoor

In 1975, Dave Arneson's players launched their first expeditions to the City of the Gods. Did they already at this point consider what bringing high tech artifacts back to Blackmoor would mean for a fantasy world? The DA modules hinted at dark consequences of these events in the centuries following King Uther's reign. The cover of module DA3 certainly sparked the imaginations of many about a sci fi heavy future of Blackmoor.

One such Blackmoor fan is RobJN who occasionally appears in this blog with his Thorn's Blackmoor.This Weekend RobJN announced his plans to start a Play by Post Campaign hosted at the Comeback Inn. Right now it looks like the campaign may be set a either a thousand years after Uther's Reign, or during the Beastman Crusades, "only" a few centuries into the future.

Those interested in such futuristic versions of Blackmoor may also be interested in this discussion about Blackmoor 2000. More details on RobJN's project will undoubtedly be revealed in the months ahead!

Stay tuned! 


Monday, October 8, 2012

Complete MMRGP Season 2 Available!

The complete season 2 of the Blackmoor MMRPG has now been uploaded to the Comeback Inn. As with Season 1, I have created an unofficial cover for this season.

 Go here to download season 2!

Make also sure to check out the first episodes of season 3!


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