Tuesday, October 1, 2019

New Blackmoor AFF Adventure, Greetings from Wesely and More (Dave Arneson Game Day Part 3)

More free Blackmoor adventure has been released! In part 2, we announced the publication of the sourcebook The Noble House of Zvenzen. Blackmoor Living World Bartertown Deathtrap Part II is an adventure written for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG and released by the Chimerae Group. It is a sequel to Bartertown Deathtrap Part 1 and explores the lands north of Blackmoor.

  Download this adventure here.


Greetings from David Wesely

David A. Wesely, creator of the Braunstein Game and player in Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Campaign left a message on this blog for us:

Well, it is now 21:30 on 1OCT19, and my computer is finally connecting me to the Dave Arneson Game Day event. I have seen announcements that it would be happening today for several weeks, but I have never been able to get connected until now, when it is pretty-well over. While I have been having nothing but trouble getting connected, it looks like you guys had a good time today. Best wishes to you all. Maybe next year I can find a local group with which to celebrate. This year I spent picking apples and carrying concrete blocks - fun, fun, fun! Happy Birthday, DLA !

 Wesely's role in the history of RPGs is so significant some credit him as the true inventor of the genre, so having his support is incredibly encouraging for the work we are doing here! :)


And More Dave Arneson Game Day News

  • Our friend imredave has written a very cool article about Blackmoor at the Forgotten Runes Blog. Check it out!
  • The Crew behind the Secrets of Blackmoor Documentary tease the possibility of releasing a compilation of Dave Arneson's Fanzine, Corner of the Table Top. Secrets of Blackmoor Vol. 2 just started filming.
  • Make sure you are caught up on the news from Part 1 and Part 2 of the Dave Arneson Game Day News!


And Thanks!

Dave Arneson Game Day 2019 was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who voiced their support and posted comments on Twitter, Facebook, The Comeback Inn, The Piazza, OD&D74, ENWorld, Dragonsfoot and elswhere. A big thank you to all of Dave Arneson's friends and family for your  support. This is why we keep doing this!


Greg Svenson's Noble House of Zvenzen Sourcebook Out Now! - Dave Arneson Game Day Part 2

As mentioned in my previous post, today is Dave Arneson Day! Finally, as promised, the new sourcebook by Original Blackmoor Player Greg Svenson is out. This is the fourth book in the series and is titled GS4 - The Noble House of Zvenzen. It has been great working as an editor for Greg on his sourcebook and Greg has been very patient with me during this process. It was Greg's suggestion that we release this book on October 1st and I think it was a great idea.

This book also includes a "Poem Transcript" about the Baron of Newgate written by Dave Arneson. This material did at one point appear in Greg's personal website, but when the website crashed, Greg thought it was lost. Untill he realized that I had downloaded all of the Blackmoor relevant material there. I am glad to present it in a proper context.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed working on it. Greg and I have more material in the works so any feedback will help encouraging us to release it early. Also make sure you check out the previous titles in the series.

Download GS4 - The Noble House of Zvenzen Now (Free!)

In other Dave Arneson Game Day News...

David Wesely returns to Braunstein. Before Blackmoor it was Braunstein. Braunstein creator and original Blackmoor Player David Wesely will be running a new Braunstein game on December 7th. This was just announced today. I will bring you more information on this later.

Friend of the Comeback Inn, Boddynock, has a new Dave Arneson Game Day articleat the Gnomish Embassy, presenting a really interesting character you can encounter in the Blackmoorian town of Jackport. Read all about it here.

Another friend of the Comeback Inn, Yaztromo is runing a Blackmoor Game tonight using the Living Blackmoor adventures.

At The Piazza, you can read about Dave Arneson ideas not found in D&D, Blackmoor's greater world and how to use Arnesonian elements in your games in new and original ways.

Also check out the following:

Have I missed anything? Please let me know so I can post about all activies here on the blog!

Stay tuned for more!


Dave Arneson Game Day 2019 is Today - Part 1: Welcome to the Party!

Dave Arneson Game Day 2019 is today! This is what we have been working towards all week! We have some great things in store today. Make sure you sign up to our Facebook Event.

Also, keep up to date with our discussion at The Comeback Inn with the Official Dave Arneson GameDay Thread.

What is Dave Arneson Game Day?

Dave Arneson Game Day is celebrated on Dave Arneson's birthday, October 1st every year. This tradition started after the D&D Co-Creator passed away in 2009. It started with gaming events run by Dave's friends in Minnesota and groups of fans in New York and elsewhere in the USA. Gradually it grew into a world wide event.

Dave Arneson Game Day is a celebration of D&D, the love for gaming that Dave Arneson stood for and everything that the hobby we share

Do We Need Dave Arneson Game Day?

Are you kidding me? If you love gaming, do you need an excuse to celebrate our passion?

What Dave Arneson Game Day is Not

This is a day where we show our love for the hobby. It is not about using the legacy of Dave Arneson to attack other game designers or fans or airing grievances. It is also not about telling people they are playing the wrong edition or playing the game in the wrong way. Let us come together as gamers and focus on what we have in common instead of the things that divide us. I think it is what Dave would have liked.

How do You Participate?

Check out the links above. Run games for your friends. Post online about gaming. Make sure you share what you do with us here!

Are you up to date with everything from Blackmoor Week 2019? This is what we have done so far:

I will be making more posts later today, so keep visiting this blog for more!


Monday, September 30, 2019

Tomorrow is Dave Arneson Game Day! (Blackmoor Week Day 7)

I can't believe it, but tomorrow is Dave Arneson Game Day 2019! Its been a great week. It has been so much fun sharing all of these things with you my gentle readers. And more is yet to come!

Elsewhere on the Internet, many others are gearing up for the big day tomorrow. A page called The Antipodean D20 created the following image and also made a video which you can see here.

Creative Mountain Games also created a tribute image:

At Goodman Games, they are revisiting the twin articles written about Dave Arneson by James Maliszewski last year. They are well worth a re-read!

We have also seen a surge of posts at The Comeback Inn, The Piazza and the Blackmoor Fans Facebook group 

So, are you planning anything for the big day tomorrow? Have you signed up for the Facebook Event? Are you excited about seeing the Noble House of Zvenzen Sourcebook that is coming out tomorrow? Have you downloaded the Blackmoor Shattered Empire adventure? Have you downloaded the 4E MMRPG adventure? What are your thoughts about Blackmoor Week 2019 so far? Let me know in the comments!


Joe Manganiello is a Mystara fan

Actor Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Justice League) has made a name for himself as a D&D superfan over the last few years. He has appeared on numerous streaming shows talking about his passion for D&D and showing off his amazing gaming cellar. Most recently, his character, Arkhan the Cruel appeared in the D&D5E Adventure Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus. 

I recall that in one of his videos, he mentioned that he started out with the Frank Mentzer edited BECMI Red Box D&D set, which gets him even more props in my book. However, last month I also learned that the man is a Mystara fan! Check out the twitter correspondence between The Piazza, Joe and myself

Joe refers to the setting as Thyatis rather than Mystara, but we all know what he is talking about! I started to suspect things when it was revealed that Arkhan the Cruel has a companion who is a Tortle. I wonder if Arkhan himself was a Mystara character?

We know that Joe likes Mystara. Will Mystara fans like Krull the Tortle Death Cleric?

Now, back to writing about Blackmoor Week!


Sunday, September 29, 2019

Blackmoor 4E MMRPG is Here! (Blackmoor Week Day 6)

Like I mentioned yesterday, we have obtained the files and adventures that were created for the D&D 4E version of the Blackmoor MMRPG. Now, we are making those available as free downloads at The Comeback Inn. We are starting with the first adventure, labelled Episode 4001: Brightest Day, Blackest Night.

"In 1299, a new age is dawning, diplomacy happens and you are part of it. Or at least delivering it for those in leadership positions of the great city states that are part of it. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems, with danger and treachery lurking everywhere, even In Brightest day, In Blackest Night… A Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor adventure for heroic level characters."

That's right. These adventures are set in the fabled Age of the Wolf, centuries after the previous iterations of Blackmoor. This is really exciting since so little is known about what was planned for this era of Blackmoor's history.

Download the Adventure for free here

Not a fan of D&D 4th Edition? It isn't really that difficult to convert these adventures to other editions. Also, you should make sure to get all four seasons of the 3E adventures from the MMRPG, all availalable for free at the Comeback Inn.

Also in Blackmoor Week Day 6

Are you all caught up with the Blackmoor news from earlier this week? Did you get the D&D 5E adventure? What are your favorite things about Blackmoor Week so far?


Saturday, September 28, 2019

Blackmoor Week Day 5: 4E MMRPG, More 5E Files, Greg Svenson Preview

I was pretty excited to share the first Blackmoor 5E adventure in the Shattered Empires series with you all yesteday. If you are not a fan of D&D 5th Edition, I still recommend you check that one out because it should be fairly easy to convert to your favorite edition too.

If you are interested in the Blackmoor: Shattered Empires Campaign, I have now uploaded 3 additional files with handouts and certificates for Episode 1.

Get them here!

What's coming up in the next few days? We can now reveal a bit more as we are approaching Dave Arneson Game Day:

Blackmoor the MMRPG for D&D 4E launches tomorrow! 

For those who don't know, Blackmoor the MMRPG was a Living Blackmoor Campaign, organized by Dave Arneson's company Zeitgeist Games and played at conventions. Four seasons of adventures for D&D 3rd Edition were written and originally appeared on the official Blackmoor website. All of these are now available as free downloads at The Comeback Inn with permission from Zeitgeist Games. What not everyone knows is that there were plans for a 4E version of the MMRPG as well. Not only were there plans, but a few adventures and some supplementary material was actually written. I will release the first adventure tomorrow!

Secrets of Blackmoor Volume 2 has started filming. 

Did you see the Dave Arneson documentary, Secrets of Blackmoor? It was just announced that they have begun filming for the sequel. Read more about that here.

Greg Svenson's Noble House of Zvenzen Sourcebook

As I mentioned yesterday, this sourcebook written by Greg Svenson and edited by the author of this blog (yes, me!) will be released on October 1st.

Above is a family tree representation that I created for Greg's book. Did I mention that the book will also have a small section written by Dave Arneson? I think many of you will really like this book!