Monday, May 8, 2023

Dave Arneson's True Genius Now as PDF from Rob Kuntz and TLS


I just got an email informing me about this the other day. Rob Kuntz and Three Line Studios have sold out the first print run of Dave Arneson's True Genius by Robert J. Kuntz:

Now available as PDFs! Previously published in print format and recently sold out, Rob's treatise Dave Arneson's True Genius and iconic adventure module Dark Druids are now – for the very first time – available in downloadable PDF format, exclusively from Three Line Studio Store! And there is more! Special Offer (20% off) when ordering them together as part of the DATG-DARK DRUIDS Bundle (*valid until 5th July 2023). Happy gaming!

Visit the Three Line Studios here

Rob Kuntz is a name that should be well known to all old school gamers and I would also like to say that Rob has always been supportive of Dave's legacy and he was extremely helpful to me when I was starting out exploring this topic on my blog. Dave Arneson's True Genius belongs on the shelf on any self respecting admirer of D&D's origins. 

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Don't Give Up The Ship - No Not Dave's Game


Imagine the surprise of this old school gaming fan when he thought he had discovered a new release of Dave's old game.

Still, can't complain about the title! :)


Monday, April 17, 2023

ArneCon 2023 Announced for last Weekend of September

DaveCon has just ended and I hope to post more details about that weekend here as more reports come in. However, DaveCon is one of two conventions in Minnesota created in the honor of D&D Co-Creator Dave Arneson. 

The following was posted at the Arne Con website:

Convention update: Event if planned last weekend of September/October 
What is being planned: Document Museum. See some of the original documents either in direct reproductions or the items themselves. Original Minnesota gamers. This is the crew that was there in the beginning Gaming & Program events: Original games as they were played. And some discussion of the variants. Some items we will make available that you can not find anywhere else Artists corner: Showcasing its inspiration and creative side of gaming. 

Dealers: Dealers welcome

The  main organizer of this convention, Kevin McColl of Castle Blackmoor also added:


Greg Svenson * William J Hoyt * David Wesely * And many other contributors of importance and their work or effort showcased. just in case anyone’s curious we are not just dealing with Minnesota. This year we are celebrating the formation of TSR as of October it will be 50 years since it’s formed. It went into production by January which I believe GaryCon is celebrating. it’s interesting to learn that it’s incorporated on Dave Arneson’s birthday! this is why we chose October. Celebration of creation of not only the origin of the game but also so many dates align with it.

Two conventions is better than one and this blog remains supportive of all efforts to honor Dave Arneson's legacy and that of the original Twin Cities Gamers group. 


Saturday, April 15, 2023

DaveCon 2 This Weekend


A game of Circus Maximus at DaveCon 2023

Victor Dorso's DaveCon returns this Weekend and reports are coming in. This is the second time this convention is being organized. The convention, named in honor of Dave Arneson takes place in Bloomington, Minnesota. I wrote about the program for the convention back in February. Since then, Dorso has also revealed various merchandise items that I assume will be available for sale at the convention, including dice trays, gaming coins and dice. 

David Wesely, William J Hoyt and Mike Carr are special guests of honor at the convention. I applaud this list of special guests all three are important figures in gaming history and all three were part of Dave Arneson's gaming group. 

Are you at DaveCon right now? Please share your experiences in the comments! :)


Friday, February 24, 2023

DaveCon 2023 Events Announced


DaveCon is returning with its second convention and organizer Victor Dorso just revealed some more details about this year's events:

DaveCon in Bloomington MN is April 13th thru 16th. 

  • Special guests include David Wesely and other members of the original Black moor crew. 
  •  Games auction with some Black moor & other classic games and set pieces.
  •  1E vs 5E tournament 
  • First Campaign ( Black moor ) 
  •  Empire of the Petal throne 
  •  Braunstein 
  •  Dawn patrol 
  •  Don't give up the ship 
  •  And plenty of other classic games along with new games and products.

Any readers of this blog who are planning on making the trip this year? :)

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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Dave Arneson's True Genius Now as PDF from Rob Kuntz and TLS

  I just got an email informing me about this the other day. Rob Kuntz and Three Line Studios have sold out the first print run of Dave Arne...