Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blood, Guts & Glory

I have earlier mentioned the BECMI D&D inspired RPG, Dark Dungeons. Now, the creator of the Dark Dungeons RPG, "Blacky the Blackball" has announced a new project called Blood, Guts & Glory. This time, both D&D and RoleMaster appear to be the two main sources of inspiration. The ideas for this game first began as posts by Blacky on the Piazza Forum.

You can follow the projects progress and download the first chapters here.



  1. Your picture is a bit misleading - although I have that version of Rolemaster (I have almost every version - I'm sad like that), the version I'm using for inspiration is the 1984 boxed set, whereas you've got a picture of the 1999 RMFRP book.

    In D&D terms it would be like talking about AD&D 1e while showing a picture of the 3.5 books...

    Blacky the Blackball

  2. Thanks for pitching in here Blacky! :) I am obviously no expert on RoleMaster. The version we played back in the days must have been the 1984 one actually (Set in Middle Earth). Sorry about the edition mix-up! :)



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