Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Print copies at Paizo

In yesterday's entry I mentioned that RPGNow has pdfs of Blackmoor: The First Campaign (4E) for $22,10. At Paizo however, you can get print copies for only $36,00. Print copies of this book have been difficult to obtain, in particular in Europe.



  1. I remember thumbing through this several months ago and being extremely disappointed (I had a copy of the original FFC at one point, this seemed like a betrayal of that brilliant/flawed product).

    This 4E offering is probably still worth the money, but I couldn't help but wish that Arneson et al had simply reprinted the original. For all its rough edges and sloppiness, the original FFC it had ten times the charm of the 4E version.

  2. Paladin: I love the FFC, but its not for everyone. If it is true that the FFC is based on material not used for Supplement II, then even Gary Gygax and the others at TSR didnt even realize what a gold mine that stuff is.

    The 4E First Campaign is a good introduction to the setting for new fans. It does have its flaws though. The main criticism about it has been the design of the classes.

    And ofcourse I agree with you about the charm of the FFC :)


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