Monday, January 4, 2010

Necrotech: Power of the Egg of Coot

Necrotech is my take on the manifestation of the powers of the Egg of Coot. This is another example of how sci fi can be added to fantasy. The FFC has a rather humorous description of of the Egg, but one of its main features is the ability to produce magical items. Since I decided to make technology a core aspect of my campaign, I figured the items produced by the Egg could be more technological in nature. Not just regular tech though, or even technomancy. It's the Egg, which I am already potraying as a Cthuluesque entity, so the technology needs a dark twist. The Egg uses Necrotech to produce technologically enhanced undead. Picture a Zombie with metallic tubes sticking out of its head and metallic plates grafted into its skin. Undead servitors of the Egg have the blue glow in their eyes, similar to that of the Thralls of Coot. Necrotech is a term also used in games by White Wolf and Privateer Press.



  1. Privateer Press was clearly heavily influenced by a deep appreciation for Science Fantasy, and of those worlds within TSR's stable.

    Douglas Seacat confirmed 99% of my detailed theory of the origins of the Iron Kingdoms world of Caen as being derived mainly from various editions of Gamma World, to replicate a 'Full Metal Fantasy' setting complete with techno-undead, the Radiance, and whatnot.

    I am eager to learn more of /your/ Egg the Coot. :D

  2. I love the Iron Kingdoms Setting! I had no idea that it was connected to Gamma World. That _is_ interesting.

    I have more in store on my version of the Egg, so just keep frequenting this place! :)

  3. Oh, then I am glad to have brought it up. :D

    Eagerly awaiting more. :)
    > settles in with a cosy pillow and blanket <

  4. Hehe, good to see that you are comfortable TS! :) More coming on the Egg as promised, but I hope those other articles I am posting in between aren't boring you either :)


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