Friday, September 27, 2019

Blackmoor Goes 5E - Shattered Empires Campaign - Free PDF Adventure (Blackmoor Week Day 4)

Today we have a real treat for you! Earlier during Blackmoor Week, we have been teasing things to come as we are preparing for Dave Arneson Game Day on October 1st. As I revealed yesterday, we are proud to present to you the very first adventure written for Blackmoor for D&D 5th Edition. This adventure, titled the War Road, is the first in a series of adventures in the new Blackmoor Shattered Empires Campaign. The War Road is written by Phillip Slama whose name many of you will recognize from the Blackmoor MMRPG adventures also available as free downloads at the Comeback Inn.

Expect more material for Blackmoor 5E in the days ahead. Also make sure to visit this blog every day for news and goodies during Blackmoor Week.

Without further ado, its time to present to you the beginning of Blackmoor: Shattered Empires:

Episode 1: The War Road 

By Phillip Slama

As the kingdom of Blackmoor celebrates the dawn of a new year, a Thonian priest with vital information concerning the plans of Toska Rusa and the Afridhi Horde stumbles into South Pim with his enemies in pursuit. Will you escort him along the War Road, across the Great Dismal Swamp, to the city of Blackmoor? A Blackmoor: Shattered Empires mytharc introductory adventure for first level player characters.

Get your free PDF adventure here.


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