Monday, February 8, 2010

A bit of TSR History

The more I dig into the older D&D material, the more interested I get in getting to know the people behind the game products that form the basis of our beloved hoby. Fortunately, I don't have to do all the research myself.
Grognardia is running an interview with Jean Wells, the original author of B3: Palace of the Silver Princess (Read part II of the interview here). A few weeks back, Steve Winter also wrote an interesting article on his blog with pictures of the old days at TSR. Both are recommended reading if you are interested in these things, just as I am!

(Mark Acres, Harold Johnson, Tom Moldvay and Mike Price)
(Picture shamelessly stolen from Steve Winter)



  1. Some great information about the old-days on the Winter blog at WOTC. I guess he's not worried about his blog becoming WOTC property though.

    I must update my blog at WOTC, if only to redirect people to my real blog.

  2. Really good links. I'm interested in this stuff. Cheers to all the historians out there!!!

  3. Paladin:
    I also dislike the WotC idea of everything on their site becoming their property. I use my groups there in the same way as you are mentioning: post short notices to direct people to where I want them! :)

    Christopher and Rich: Thanks guys! I felt those links were worth sharing :)


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