Saturday, November 21, 2009

Richard L. Snider Has Passed Away

I am sad to have learned that Richard L. Snider passed away earlier this week, on the 17th of November. Cancer is believed to be the cause of death. Richard and his brother John were members of the Midwest Military Simulation Association in the 1970s and the Sniders became two of the original Blackmoor players. In Dave Arneson's campaign, Richard played the Cleric who became known as the Flying Monk. Richard was also active in making other contributions to the campaign and an entire section in Dave Arneson's First Fantasy Campaign is dedicated to Richard's additions to the game.

Richard also ventured into game design himself. Together with Dave Arneson, he co-authored Adventures in Fantasy(1978). In 1983, Richard created the game Powers & Perils.Richard was also a Sci-Fi author, having written about 35 novels, although only one, The Leather Rose, was actually published.

In recent years, Richard still expressed an interest in publishing RPGs, though attempts to bring back Powers & Perils on a commercial basis were blocked by Wizards of the Coast. In a post on the Wayfarer's Inn in 2007, Richard stated that he would be interested in bringing his creative ideas to the computer scene in "a computer mega-opus".

May He Rest in Peace.

Edit 2019: An updated article on Richard Snider can be found here.

(Thanks to Greg Svenson and Bob Meyer for providing additional information for this entry)


  1. Snider's Perilous Lands setting was a classic Sword & Sorcery campaign. His system design elements were intriguing, both in Adventures in Fantasy and Powers & Perils, and he definitely had a great love for his Powers & Perils game. His continuing work on the P&P system and setting on his website will be missed. May he find the adventure he always sought in the Undiscovered Country.

  2. An updated article on Richard Snider has been posted here:


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