Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Defining the setting

Philosopher over at the Piazza, challenged me to write a text defining Blackmoor in one or two paragraphs. Trying to pin down a setting in just a few paragraphs was trickier than I thought. Here's what I've got so far:

Blackmoor is a small Kingdom which until recently was the northernmost province of a decadent Empire. Unlike the Thonian Empire, Blackmoor embodies the ideals of justice and chivalry; a realm of light surrounded by corruption and evil. Blackmoor is in desperate need of heroes because it is surrounded by enemies. The Mordor-like realm of the Egg of Coot to the North. Viking-like Skandaharian raiders attack both its coastal lands. And an exotic demon-worshipping conqueror race army approaces from the west. 

Blackmoor is a classic fantasy setting with a twist: highly technological items can be found and used by heroes and villains alike. Mechanical warriors guard powerful wizards. The sages of the Blackmoor University are working with the dwarves to figure out how these items work, where they came from and how to use them. This could be the key to saving Blackmoor from its immediate destruction. Tragically however, it could also be what spells their doom, in the prophesied apocalypse, known as Great Rain of Fire.



  1. This post immediately made me think of playing a Paranoia game where you play Dwarfs at Blackmoor University. You are under contract to test Devices of the Ancients. They will Clone you a number of times via the spell. You are, of course, all secret agents for the various surrounding kingdoms, trying to find out about the devices yourselves. In charge of the University is a powerful wizard who could be using his spells to be watching you at any time, the Chairman of Mages - Pewter, or CoM Pewter (to corny?). He is also concerned about employing only the happiest and most enthusiastic Dwarfs so make sure you never say a bad word about his decisions or you will be out the door.

  2. Love this idea! :)
    Thanks for the comment.


Happy Gary Gygax Game Day 2023!

  Happy Gary Gygax Game Day 2023!