Monday, April 5, 2010

Dave L's Blackmoor Hex Map

Piazza poster Dave L is making new gorgeous looking Blackmoor hex maps! He just posted his version of the DA1 map here. Everyone should click on the link above and download it!

Here's a sample:

Some more discussions about Dave L's maps can be found at the Comeback Inn.



  1. Love maps.

    Looking at maps of Blackmoor give me the same feeling as looking at maps of Atlantis or Lemuria. Some ancient, half forgotten land that holds great secrets to those brave enough to discover it.

    Keep posting them and I'll keep reading them.

  2. Oh how I wish I could get it. This is a cool find.

    But the guy uploaded it to some jackass file sharing website where you have to install a "download manager" rootkit just to grab a PNG. Ridiculous.

  3. Tim: Cool! I have more goodies in store for you then! :)

    1d30: Click on the Blue download button, not the green one. I did the same thing, but realized what I was doing before downloading that exe file. I will check with Dave, but I hope to upload all his maps to my site ASAP.

    Dar: Works again now.. :)

    Thanks for the feedback guys! :)



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