Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dark Dungeons RPG -First Draft available!

Inspired by the infamous Chick Tract of the same name, Blacky the Blackball has created a new retro-clone RPG called Dark Dungeons. The game uses example characters with names similar to that of characters from the Chick Tract, but the rules are strangely similar to Frank Mentzer's BECMI D&D, my favorite version of D&D incidentally!

Although named after this paranoid and misinformed comic strip, this looks like its going to be a great game. The name and use of characters should obvously be taken ironically, turning anti-RPG propaganda into an RPG is an amazing way to get back at mr Chick! The idea for the game first appeared in a discsussion at the Piazza.

The first draft of the game can be downloaded here.



  1. I hope it will have artwork reminiscent of the chick tract. That would be icing on the cake, icing on the cake...

  2. Heh. Wouldnt it be funny if the author asked mr. Chick to provide illustrations? ;)


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