Friday, October 27, 2023

Game Designer Jamie Chambers' Meeting with Dave Arneson

Jamie Chambers with Felicia Day (left)

 Game Designer Jamie Chambers is perhaps best known for creating the Cortex RPG system for Margaret Weis Press (MWP) and for his other work with MWP including Sovereign Stone, Serentiy RPG, Dragonlance etc. 

Jamie only met Dave Arneson once in the mid 2000s at RockCon in Rockford, Illinois, but it did leave an impression. Jamie was one of the organizers of the small convention at the time. He wasn't sure about the exact year but it would have been 2006 or 2007:

I got to meet Dave Arneson just the once when I was helping manage a little convention in Rockford, Illinois. It was the last con season he was up for traveling. Nothing earthshaking was revealed, but I remember being jealous I couldn't go back and experience what it was like during those early days as wargaming evolved in to tabletop RPGs and we understand them today.

I think Jamie's comments well reflect how many of us feel when learning about Dave Arneson and his players. This hobby means so much to all of us and the talking to the people who were there at the beginning feels like being in direct contact with history. Understanding where the hobby came from can also help us gain a deeper understanding of what the game has developed into today. Extremely useful for those who are interested  in game design!

RockCon is still a successful convention today and takes place Nov 3.-5. This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the convention and TSR's Harold Johnson will be among the honored guests. 


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