Sunday, October 1, 2023

Dave Arneson Game Day 2023

 Dave Arneson Game Day is today!

Please join in our celebrations! This is what Blackmoor Week 2023 has been leading up to

Dave Arneson Game Day Partners

  • Havard's Blackmoor Blog
  • The Comeback Inn
  • Blackmoor Fans Facebook Group
  • The Piazza
  • OD&D 74 Fan Forum
  • And Many Other Places

What Dave Arneson Game Day is:

  • October 1st is Dave Arneson's birthday. Every year we invite fans of tabletop gaming, D&D, Blackmoor and Dave Arneson to join in celebration worldwide to celebrate the hobby that we all feel so passionate about. 

What Dave Arneson Game Day is not:

  • It is not a commercial activity. If gaming stores, game producers, artists and others want to attach themselves to this day, that is great. But the main organizers are fans who have no commercial interest in any of the activity that goes on on this day
  • It is not an opportunity to dig up old grudges. This is not a day to take stabs at corporations or individuals that you don't like and somehow use Dave Arneson's legacy to that effect. This day is about love and passion.

Already reports of various activities have been coming in. I will add these to the Comeback Inn discussion found here.

Official Comeback Inn Dave Arneson Game Day Discussion


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