Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Dave Arneson Education Scholarship Organised by DaveCon's Victor Dorso (Not Associated With Arneson Family)

Victor Dorso has set up a Scholarship fund to honor the legacy of D&D Co-Creator Dave Arneson. This is to be financed through revenue and donations at DaveCon. This was announced at the DaveCon website and also mentioned in a recent video at the Grogtalk youtube channel

"D.A.V.E.S. DaveCon Academic & Vocational, Education Scholarship. The D.A.V.E.S fund is to benefit three students each year to further their education dreams with 100% of money raised thru Donations, Ticket Sales and Game Auction proceeds. First place winner receives 70% , Second place receives 20%, Third place receives 10% of the total amount raise thru Donations, Ticket Sales and Game Auction proceeds. All ticket sales are $5.00 cash each available at the Convention registration table."

The quote above is taken from the DaveCon website. Dave Arneson was a student at St. Paul University in Minneapolis when created Dungeons & Dragons with Gary Gygax. Dave was 27 when D&D was published. I am sure he would appreciate the funds helping other students achieve their dreams. 

DaveCon organizer Victor Dorso. Screen shot from the Grogtalk youtube show.

As with DaveCon itself, it is not associated with the Arneson Family. I feel that this is a shame as it would lend more credibility to the entire endeavour, but at least it looks like Victor Dorso is trying to do something positive in Dave's name. That is a good thing. 


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