Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Blackmoor at GenCon 2019

Its always nice to see the original fantasy RPG setting see some presence at the world's largest RPG convention! Origial Blackmoor Player and D&D designer Mike Carr was there running his Fight In the Skies game. The biggest Blackmoor related story to have come out of Gen Con 2019 is related to a certain documentary:

As reported by Secrets of Blackmoor, a screening of the Documentary by the same name was shown at Gen Con 2019, in Indianapolis this weekend. As the producers of the film were unable to attend, the event was organized by Gen Con Film Festival Organizer Chuck Budreau. It was recently announced to backers of the Kickstarter that the version distributed at vimeo would not be the final version of the documentary, but that these backers would recieve a revised version. It is unclear which version was screened at GenCon.

Did you attend GenCon 2019? Did you go to the screening of Secrets of Blackmoor? What were the highlights of your GenCon 2019 experience?

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  1. We have a final draft of the film. What was shown is the final draft yet missing some peices. It needs a wee bit more color work and titles for people along with on screen citations for all the documents and photos. We've used about 180 still images, most of which have never been seen before. I'm getting together with Chris to work on it today. When a film gets down to the detailed finish stage it becomes very eacting. you think it'll be quick and easy, but it isn't. Griff

  2. Thanks Griff! Canæt wait to see the final version! :)


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