Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blackmoor Week: Day Two!

"As you make your way through the Dismal Swamps you see strange buildings overgrown with vines and plantlife. The architecture looks unfamiliar to you, almost alien in style... " 

Day two of Blackmoor Week 2016. Here's an update on what's been going on since I made yesterday's post.

Over at the Comeback Inn, I am taking a look at one of the more obscure Blackmoor adventures, the Garbage Pits of Despair.

More people are planning on running games for Dave Arneson Day, this Saturday. I think I may be able to run a game on Friday, but I will be busy with Internet stuff on October 1st.

At The Piazza, I have posted my second Retrospective artice, this time looking at the Blackmoor products of the 1980s. That was alot of material to cover. I will probably expand on my comments there in the days ahead.

Mark Craddock has joined the Blackmoor Week project at the Crossplanes Blog, offering a take on Blackmoor's Cyborgs converted to D&D 5th Edition. More people have said they want to write blog articles. I will post links as soon as I hear about them!

As usual, make sure to keep up with the Blackmoor Week Thread at the Comeback Inn, where every link will be posted. And as always, Blackmoor Week is not about me. Everyone can join in. Just let me know what you will be doing, whether it is a game, online activity or something else. Links or photos are always welcome! :)

Leaving you with another picture:



  1. Blackmoor Week 2016: Odir


  2. Nice work! I included this link in my Day 3 announcement: http://blackmoormystara.blogspot.no/2016/09/blackmoor-week-day-3-free-downloads.html


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