Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blackmoor Week Day 3: Free Downloads, Articles and Space Adventures!

This is the third day of Blackmoor Week!

Today, we have alot of exciting things for you! More people are joining in the effort and talking about Blackmoor across the web.

Free Download: Lost MMRPG Blackmoor Adventure Returns!

Episode 61 The Siege was part of Season 3 of the Blackmoor MMRPG. For various reasons this was not made available at The Comeback Inn when the rest of Season 3 was uploaded. That has now been fixed. The adventure is brought back and is now available for registered members at The Comeback Inn. And remember, registration is free, so there is no excuse is there? This adventure can easily be played independently for any tabletop Blackmoor campaign. Go here to download the adventure!

Blackmoor in Spaace!

Diehard Spelljammer fan, Big Mac, at The Piazza has started a discussion about how to use Blackmoor in a Spelljammer campaign. Multi-setting expert Ripvanwormer and others have joined the discussion turning the thread into a rich resource of information about Blackmoor's Solar System and beyond useful both for fans of Spelljammer and those interested in a more Dave Arneson-esque approach to the Galactic Realms. Check out this discussion here.

Blackmoor Games for October 1st

Vile is running a Blackmor tribute session in his homebrew Ravenloft setting.
Yaztromo will be running a modern interpretation of Blackmoor using Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2.
Anyone else planning anything for Dave Arneson Day?

And More!

The Ruins of Murkhill Blog by Halenar Frosthammer, aka the Perlious Dreamer is joining Blackmoor Week with this article about what to take away from the old masters of our hobby.  Well worth a read!

The Crossplanes Blog has added another Blackmoor 5th Edition article, this time tackling Priests of Odir.

Information about Blackmoor's Bearfolk can be found over at the Comeback Inn where new resources have been added.

As usual, check out the Official Blackmoor Week thread at the Comeback Inn, here for all related links and information. 

Is there anything I have forgotten? Please let me know in the comments!


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Happy Gary Gygax Game Day 2023!

  Happy Gary Gygax Game Day 2023!