Monday, September 25, 2023

Blackmoor Week 2023 Day 1


Dear friends! 

Once again, Dave Arneson Game Day is approaching and loyal fans world wide are getting ready to celebrate Blackmoor Week as the week leading up to October 1st, Dave Arneson's birthday. 

Dave Arneson Game Day is a world wide event. It is a celebration of the D&D Co-Creator, Dave Arneson, his gaming group, and of our love of Tabletop Gaming in general. As this is the Internet, it is important to stress that this event is only about love and passion and should never be used to attack or belittle others.

This year's event will among other places be celebrated on:

  • Havard's Blackmoor Blog (This site)
  • The Comeback Inn - The Ultimate Blackmoor Fan Website
  • The Piazza - The D&D Worlds Forum
  • OD&D74 - The Original D&D Forum
  • Blackmoor Fans Facebook Group 

Also, make sure to sign up for the Facebook Event:

What are you doing in gaming this week and on October 1st specifically? Share your stories with us!



  1. I am buying my ticket to Arnecon!

    1. Awesome! I would love to here about your experiences there! :)

  2. I've blogged about DA1 in the month of September, leading up to Dave Arneson Game Day. Will probably continue with the rest of the DA series, to round out the year!

  3. Nice! I need to catch up on your blog my friend! :)


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