Sunday, September 27, 2020

Blackmoor Week 2020 Starts Tomorrow!

Next week will be all about Blackmoor! Not just on this blog, but all over the Internet. It is our annual tradition of arranging Blackmoor related activities all over the Internet in the week leading up to October 1st which is Dave Arneson Game Day. 

This means that every day, I will be posting information on this blog about activities happening related to Blackmoor Week. We already have quite a few people telling us that they would like to participate. Just yesterday, on MMRPG organizer Tad Kilgore's livestreamed Blackmoor game, they mentioned that Dave Arneson Game Day is coming up and that they would like to do something linked to that day. 

As usual we will have some things to share with you in the form of free PDFs and other stuff over at The Comeback Inn. I will also put some links at the bottom of this article for relevant forum threads on various forums where Blackmoor Week related activities are already being announced. 

A few things to remember: Blackmoor Week should be a celebration of gaming. It should never be about airing grudges, edition warring, or attacking other game designers. Also, anyone can join in! This is a celebration for everyone who loves this hobby. If you want to do your part, we would love to have you with us. Post on forums or blogs. Run or organize games or other gaming related activites. But make sure you let us know what you are doing so that this can be a shared experience! Post about your Blackmoor Week activities in any of the links below:

The Comeback Inn Blackmoor Week Preparation Thread

The Piazza Blackmoor Week Preparation Thread

Blackmoor Fans on Facebook

Join the fun!


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