Tuesday, February 18, 2020

West End Games Founder Scott Palter Has Passed

I just learned via Greg Gorden that Daniel Scott Palter has passed away. Scott was the founder of West End Games and was president of this games publisher as they published RPGs such as Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Paranoia, TORG and Shatterzone as well as classic board games like Junta.

As a personal note, I connected with Scott via various social media and we interracted quite a bit over the last decade. We talked about gaming history, gaming, and real world issues and although we did not always agree, he was always respectful and thoughtful in his responses.

My thoughts go to his family and friends.



  1. Wow. How instrumental was he in creating the Star Wars RPG?

    1. I think the main bulk of the rules design was done by Bill Slaviczek and Greg Costikyan, although they based their work in turn on the Ghostbusters RPG. Given Scott's role as president of a small RPG publisher, I'm guessing his influence was there however.

  2. On my gosh, I knew that guy way back when. Maybe 2002 or something? I wrote this crappy little RPG called Galactic Horror, and was looking for playtesters. Scott humored me on multiple occasions. A real nice guy. Sorry to hear he's gone. RIP, hoss.


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