Saturday, August 10, 2013

D&D Rules Cyclopedia Advert

Kyrel posted this picture over at Dragonsfoot and I just had to share it. Dave Arneson himself apparently even admitted to loving this particular version of D&D. Note the pre-production cover of the Rules Cycøopedia up there in the left corner.

Anyway, there is a call to reprint the RC over at, so go ahead and sign the petition. Rumour has it that this is the only edition of D&D that is so good that WotC doesn't risk reprinting it. We shall see!



  1. I used to have this :) Came with my very first D&D box.

  2. Reading through each successive D&D Next playtest packet, it seems to me that they are just getting closer and closer to BECMI/RC D&D....

  3. You folk know that you can pick up the .pdf at Drivethru RPG, right? Personally I prefer digital to those overpriced things WoTC has been cranking out,

  4. I still have my hardcopy from '92 as well as the .pdf. But I wouldn't mind another copy on the bookshelf.

  5. My copy from the 90's is one of the gems of my gamebook collection.

  6. I have two copies of the RC and the Black Box. Still need more :)


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