Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rare Blackmoor Manuscript Sold for $787

A rare manuscript from 1985 by Dave Arneson and David J Ritchie was just sold on ebay for 787,77 US$. The manuscript was titled Aventures in Thonia, and was the basis for module DA1 (Adventures in Blackmoor). However, the manuscript is roughly 250 pages and DA1 is only 64 pages. The sold item also included 28 single-page maps, 2 single-page map text inserts, and 2 double-sheet (11x17) maps.

f the lucky buyer is among my readers, please call me! :)

More on this story here.

Image scan by Frank Mentzer.



  1. That'll be Matthew (degassy31 on eBay) yet again... :)

  2. Bugger me. Why doesn't anybody announce these things before the auction is over. Grrrrrr.


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