Friday, June 24, 2011

More word from Eldritch Enterprises

I was meaning to comment on this sooner, but I have been a bit busy. Not to busy to be pleased however of word from Eldritch Enterprises, the company formed by Frank Mentzer and friends. Apparently they are planning quite a wide range of products:

Eldritch Ent. plans to publish for both the mass and game hobby markets. Current projects include a childrens' book series, a work on baking techniques, recipes, and anecdotes (penned by Frank's wife Debbie, based on their time at The Baker's House), and a series of religious studies by Frank's late father (Rev. Frank Mentzer II, a Methodist minister). The hobby game line includes various works for the "Old School Renaissance" movement as well as Mr. Ward's seminal Science Fantasy game "Metamorphosis Alpha."

 There will also be possibilties to invest in the company as announced here. My main interest is in the gaming side of the product line of course, but I could certainly see the sense in aiming for a broader market. It will be great seeing Metamorphosis Alpha again and I am hoping Aquaria will follow. Rumour is that Frank will be in Europe this summer, and I hope to catch up with him during that time so that I can squeeze him for more information on these projects... 

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Happy Gary Gygax Game Day 2023!

  Happy Gary Gygax Game Day 2023!