Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What might have been?

This fake cover is made by Knightfall, who recently posted about it on the Piazza. Its a shame that Mystara was never followed up by WotC neither for 3E or 4E, but looking at what happened to the Realms, maybe we are better off? I expect most of the readers of this blog have little interest in these later editions, but I think it is cool that Blackmoor was published for OD&D, BECMI, 3E and 4E. Only a few settings have seen such coverage.



  1. Me, I'd much rather it be limited to the OSR. It's far more accessible to me that way. Arneson's First Fantasy Campaign was kind of a mess when ported to 3E, I much prefer the original Judges Guild product.

    Same thing goes for Blackmoor. While it might be nice to see it get more recognition, I see Blackmoor as being more vibrant when kept alive by hobbyists, not companies. Same thing with GPL software -- OpenOffice enlisted the help of software giant Oracle, and they messed up a great thing. Somehow, when kept alive by fans things seem purer and less corrupt.

  2. I liken the First Fantasy Campaign to the Silmarillion. If you already like Tokien, I will recommend that you read the Silmarillion, but if you are new to fantasy, I will suggest you start with something else. I love the FFC, but it is not a good introductory item, perhaps except if you come from a wargaming background. I don't agree with all the priorities made by ZGG, but their 3.5 Blackmoor CS is a great introduction to the setting, regardless of what edition you actually play (I use Savage Worlds myself). :)

    I hear what you say about the fans keeping it alive though! :)


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