Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[Download] Dragon Age Mystara

Last year, Green Ronin launched the tabletop RPG version of Bioware's Dragon Age. One of the things that got me interested in the tabletop version was that its not yet another D20 variant, but a whole new system using a 3d6 mechanic. The fact that it is designed by Chris Pramas is also a plus.

Siroh, over at the Piazza has written a fantastic adaptation of Dragon Age for the Mystara setting, presented in a beautiful pdf which you can download for free here. Check it out!



  1. LoneIslander: This is the kind of feedback I like! :)

  2. After having a quick look I can say it is very professional-looking, and it seems like a whole lot of effort has gone into it. I can't say more until I get a chance to at least skim it.

    I have the DA game, and I don't find the AGE rules to be at all bad. BUT... Moving the Known World off D&D? I may not be brave enough a man for that, hehe.


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