Monday, September 20, 2010

Formative Images

Since Grognardia brought up the subject of images you associate D&D with, its been all over the blogosphere. Here are a few which shaped my young mind, coming into D&D:

Yes, the story of Aleena had a tremendous impact on me, just like it did with most people who got into D&D through Frank Mentzer's Basic Set. Unlike those who started with previous versions of D&D and often moved on to AD&D, many of us who started with BECMI stayed with that edition. Sure, we also played AD&D and other RPGs, but our hearts forever remained with Aleena and the desire to finally get to give Bargle the punishment he deserved.



  1. Ah yes, the ever fetching Aleena. I'd convert for her, I think.

  2. You often do this to me Havard.

    I was just thinking that in celebration/homage to the new Red Box out we need to have conversions of the lovely (but ill fated) Aleena and Bargle.

    I started with Moldvay Basic and like you said moved on to AD&D. I never played Mentzer Basic and didn't even know who Bargle was till a few years back.

    Plus we all know one thing. Bargle may have killed Aleena, but Morgan Ironwolf would have kicked his ass.

  3. @Trey: It's pretty fascinating how the most conservatively dressed of all Elmore's babes is also the most attractive one :)

  4. @Tim: Thank you my friend! I think I have seen 4E stats for Bargle, but not Aleena. Not sure how those are compatible with the new Red Box?

    Morgan might have been able to kick Bargle's ass, but unfortunately he is a sneaky bastard who tends to escape whenever faced with a powerful enough adversary. Plus, Aleena used her last healing spell on the Unnamed Hero, making her death even more tragic... :(

  5. Ahhh, I felt for Aleena- I am actually sculpting a mini for her for my own collection!


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