Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ever wonder who else is reading this?

I once read that TSR had very poor knowledge of who their target audiences were. Recently I've been looking at the stats for this blog, trying to figure out who my audience is. I like the various options blogger.com have added to review the readers. Here's a map showing where the blog readers come from in the world:

Here's a listing by country:

Obviously, there is some margin of error here with random image searches, bots, spammers etc being counted, but it still gives me some idea of where the readers come from. Mainly however, it was just fun poking around with this stuff and seeing what kind of options blogger.com offer.



  1. The stats function is pretty neat. Even though my blog only gets a hit every couple days or so, It'd sure be nice if the readers from Russia and China would leave comments on *my* blog....

  2. Rob: I've found that "readers" from more exotic locations have stopped leaving comments on my blog since the new spam filter was installed... ;)


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