Monday, July 19, 2010

Dark Dungeons RPG is getting attention!

I first mentioned the BECMI inspired Dark Dungeons RPG back in April. Last week the Author posted on the Piazza D&D Forum and reported 100 print copies sold and 4000 pdf downloads! On Thursday, an article about the RPG was posted in the Escapist. The Escapist article focuses mainly on its connection to the infamous Jack Chic Tract and less on the games connection to Frank Mentzer's D&D rules. Unlike the legendary Rules Cyclopedia, Dark Dungeons even manages to include rules for Immortals. Its great to see this game get the attention it deserves. Find out how to get your copy here.



  1. That's groovy! A print copy is on my extremely large list of things to buy! :)

  2. Hehe, glad to hear it James! Frank Mentzer's BECMI is my personal favorite version of D&D and this might just be the next best thing :)

  3. A thousand f**k yous to Jack "The Pr*ck" Chick! Pardon my lack of manners, but I can't stand Bible thumpers trashing the hobby. I was raised in a strict Baptist church, and they were all about brainwashing us to fear D&D, as well as rock music (backward masking, etc). Sooo glad I got out of that cult. Anyway, congrats and continued success! I'd get one, but I have the original RC at home!

  4. Sorry to hear about your experiences DRANCE. Hopefully most Baptist communities are more open minded than the one who grew up within. Being raised in a highly secularized country, my parents main worry about me playing D&D was that it would affect my homework... :)


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