Friday, September 30, 2016

Dave Arneson Documentary Trailer Revealed!

Today, October 1st, is Dave Arneson's birthday. As always we celebrate  Dave Arneson Day by sharing Blackmoor related material. This year I have something very special to share. The trailer for an upcoming documentary about Dave Arneson has just dropped! The producers became aware that their trailer may have gotten leaked by accident, so they contacted me about doing an official release on my blog to counteract the leak. I suggested that they should release the trailer for Dave's birthday, and they liked that idea. I still have no information about when the movie will be released, but it looks like this is not going to be a Kickstarter project.

I am very excited to see what new light this movie will shed on the life of D&D Co-creator Dave Arneson and the role he played in shaping our hobby. This documentary is sure to create some controversy. Dave Arneson deserves a documentary about him and I can't wait to watch it!" I have known about this project for a while as production has been going on for about three years. I am not involved in the project but I did help answer some questions and connect the film makers with some of the people appearing in the documentary.

For those interested in learning more about this, updates will be released via their mailing list at and I will also post more information here on this blog as soon as I have anything to share.

The photo used in the picture above (from the movie website banner) was taken at a Blackmoor game held in may of 2016,  DMed by one of Arneson's friends and original players, Bob Meyer. Bob also ran the Blackmoor Memorial Game back in 2009. Several of the old group players took part in the game including  Greg Svenson, Ross Maker. David Wesely, Dave Belfry, Dave Megarry, Ken Shepro and James Lafferiere. Also present at this game were Dave Arneson's daughter Malia Arneson, Kevin McColl, James Gallup and others. This was the most recent Blackmoor game involving players from the original group.

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  1. I sincerely hope you are right that this isn't going to be a Kickstarter as I'm still annoyed (and seriously out of pocket) by The Great Kingdom debacle.

  2. Hi there Tim! The producers told me that film is fully funded. It is in currently in post production. They aim to release the film in 2017.

    I totally understand your frustration. I have a few bucks tied up in the other movies as well so I am glad these guys are taking a different route.


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