Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blackmoor Week Day 4: Gonzo Gaming!

Okay, so now things are really starting to take off here. I am struggling to keep up with Blackmoor Week activities, forum discussions and everything else going on.

First of all I asked my friend Brian over at the Gnomish Embassy if he would write something for Blackmoor Week. Brian was one of the first people to do Blackmoor Week that I know about. Brian didn't give me one article, but three! One article is a more personal article about how Blackmoor can be an inspiration, then there is an article about a race that developed with the fall of the Temple of the Frog and the final article is a wild alternate history Blackmoor/Mystara mash up. Read all of them here.

A Blackmoor fan named Thondor who is a member of the Comeback Inn has just started a website called the Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace with a number of other Canadian game designers. They are selling at reduced prices with a coupon for Blackmoor Week. Find out more here.

At the Piazza's Greyhawk forum, they have joined the preparations with an Archbarony of Blackmoor Week, exploring Greyhawk's version of Blackmoor. Read more about that and enjoy some nice maps of the region here.

In other news, the release of a lost Blackmoor MMRPG adventure yesterday created quite a buzz and we have had several people sign up at the Comeback Inn discovering the MMRPG line of free adventures.

It is so much fun to see this thing explore and so many people joining in on the activities. As I said I am having a hard time trying to catch up with everything now, so I am sure there are things I have forgotten. If there are links I have missed in this post, please let me know in the comments and I will include them in tomorrow's post!

Only one more day now till Dave Arneson Game Day 2016!


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