Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jenell Jaquays on Mystara

Jenell Jaquays working under the name of Paul Jaquays has been working in the gaming industry as an artist, writer and editor since the 1970s. Some of her early modules such as Caverns of Thracia and Dark Tower are legendary as are may of her paintings, most notably the cover for the AD&D boxed set Dragon Mountain by Colin McComb.

Cover for the Odyssey Savage Coast book, revising the Red Steel line, released electronically only.

For Mystara Jaquays worked as an editor/developer on products like Gaz5: The Elves of Alfheim, PC2: Top Balista and M3: Twilight Calling. She also did cover art for many of the AD&D Mystara and Savage Coast products, including Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure, Glantri: Kingdom of Magic and the Joshuan Almanac. Jaquays has fond memories of this work:

"I always enjoyed the Mystara (or Known World) setting. I was privileged to be able to edit a couple of the Gazeteers, write and edit adventures for it, and later be the line artist for the Mystara and Red Steel product lines. Good times."

Some sketches and unfinished pieces for Mystara products can be found at her website


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