Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anna Goes to Blackmoor

Legendary Greyhawk-mapper Anna has in her process to map all of Greyhawk's continent of Flanaess arrived at the corner which includes Greyhawk's version of Blackmoor. The map above is unfinished, but it still looks so spectacular I wanted to share it with you right away. To follow the process of this map in detail, visit the Flanaess Geographical Society Facebook Group.



  1. Just WOW!

    Can you provide a link to her site?

  2. I don't know of any site besides the Facebook group linked above.

  3. @TheHarshax:

    There is the main Greyhawk maps site. That has map 20 (the one with Blackmoor on it) on the Area maps page. Since got far enough west to hit Blackmoor, she has moved on to do some of the maps to the west, north and south of the region. So the Blackmoor map might have had some updates.

    Anna also has a Realm maps page. So far she has only done two realms (Naerie and Onnwal). I believe she is concentrating on the Area maps, so that she can get them out a lot faster. (Her new process involves feedback from fans. They help her spot bugs and missing locations and she can then get maps out even faster than before.)

    The most "wow" thing about Anna's maps is that they are actually made in 3D! So she could possibly recycle the data for the Archbarony of Blackmoor to include it in 3D artwork of a dragon flying over the realm. I've seen a couple of concept pictures. They didn't have buildings on - just land. But they looked amazing.

    Anna also has a page on Facebook called Greyhawk Maps - by Anna. The group that Havard linked to is a group where all people interested in cartography for the World of Greyhawk are encouraged to share maps.


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