Friday, November 25, 2011

Magical Swords

Magical Swords hold a special positition in D&D and also in Blackmoor. Dave Arneson dedicated several pages to Magical Swords in the First Fantasy Campaign. The most famous blades of the Blackmoor Campaign is probably the sword Maroon.

Another sword of great fame has its origins in Blackmoor. This is the fan created blade Arbus, the White Avenger, whos origins are chronicled by Blackmoor fan Demon Sachlas:

Arbus was forged in Blackmoor to serve as a companion blade to the famous White Sword. Unfortunately, it was stolen before it was ever used in Blackmoor by agents of the Empire of Thonia. It was subsequently turned over to a Thonian paladin by a devious emperor with none the wiser to its abduction. The White Avenger obtained its nickname in those days as the great paladin - Sir Galladon of Etheria - used it to smite the hordes of chaos throughout the land. Sir Galladon finally met his match, however, on a trip to the elemental plane of water - where he was defeated by an ambush of several crab-like ice creatures known as hydraxes. The leader hydrax took the blade, and kept it for several hundred years...

Who was this Sir Galladon, and where is the realm of Etheria? Speculations to those questions and more details on this blade can be found at the Home of the Ancients.

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