Monday, April 12, 2010

Dragons at Dawn Reviews!

Only a few days since Dragons at Dawn came out and people are already writing reviews. Here are some highlights:

From Sean Wills at Bite the Bulette:

"My 1st impressions is that Daniel has faithfully drawn on the discussions with those who played with Dave Arneson, as well as info from the man himself over the years, to recreate a very old old school experience. Have a look at the Lulu preview and you'll see what I mean. Combat has a big-ass chart, if you can dig that - DAD's for you.

It reads like a labour of love, it's audacious, a product of studious enthusiastic research and a fitting tribute to DA."

From Steelcaress at Roll 'Em:
"Overall: 4/5 (This is a neat game! Part of me wishes this had been published in '74 instead)"

From Geoffrey McKinney at the OD&D Board:
"This is a very cool, VERY old-school game. It’s as close as you can come to playing the game the way it was played when NOBODY in the whole world played it except for Dave Arneson and his buddies back in 1970-72. To my way of thinking, this game is 38 years overdue. We owe Dan Boggs a great debt of gratitude for all the hard work and research he devoted to re-creating the original role-playing game."

Although Old Schooler reviews tend to be positive towards old school material, all of these great reviews are making me optimistic about this Arnesonian game. And this is not all we can look forward to from the author. Dan Boggs has already announced that he is planning the release of the first expansion rules, Dragons at Twilight.



  1. Awesome. I like to read the glowing reviews, but I would like some critical ones as well.
    Not comparing it to modern games, but a comparison to OD&D would not be bad.

    Do you have a copy yet?

  2. I see what you mean. If you click on some of the links to those reviews, you will find some criticism along with the praise though. Those were all the reviews I have seen so far. I ordered a print copy from Lulu two days ago, so I will have to wait a bit longer I'm afraid. Unless I succumb to the urges of ordering a pdf version as well. :)

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I can't wait for this one to hit my mail-box.

  4. got the pdf.
    it is pretty damn cool and interesting to see how things are so familiar yet different.
    i'm ordeing the print version next week.
    very cool.


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