Friday, November 27, 2009

New Campaign: The Brotherhood

Last week, I started a new chapter of my campaign, called The Brotherhood. Ten years have passed since the War with the Afridhi broke out. Much has changed in Blackmoor since then. A new king has ascended the throne, and even if the war has ended, it is as if a shadow has fallen over the kingdom. In the City of Blackmoor, a conspiracy has been formed. Known only as The Brotherhood, this secret society of influential citizens are working towards a single common goal: To dethrone the King and establish a Republic of Blackmoor.

 Three men suspected to be part of the conspiracy are:

A high ranking priest of Fornaus, seeking a severing of all ties with the Church of Thonia.
A City Guard Lieutenant seeking to reclaim his lost noble status.
An Elite Thieves Guild Spy posing as a small time merchant.


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