Thursday, September 24, 2020

MMRPG Authors Talk Blackmoor at Comeback Inn Forum


My Website, the Comeback Inn has been hosting the MMRPG Blackmoor Adventures; modules easy to play with any edition of Dungeons & Dragons since 2011 with permission from all involved parties. In March, the final episode was made available as a free download. 

Moreover, we are lucky to have many of the authors of these adventures registered at the forum, eager to answer questions or just chat with fans. This week Gregory S Walker signed up to the forum. Gregory was part of the Terror Inc group of designers and contributed to such MMRPG adventures as Cutty Black Sow, Bug Hunt, Into the Lightless Dephts, The Dawn of Goss, Small Problems and Confectionary King II. Some of these adventures also helped explore the MMRPG created Blackmoor Subsetting known as the Dweomer Realm.

Greg signed up just in time for Blackmoor Week which starts on Monday leading up to Dave Arneson Game Day 2020 which will be arranged worldwide on October 1st as usual. I hope lots of people will take this opportunity to ask him and the other MMRPG authors some questions. 

Join us at The Comeback Inn to talk to the MMRPG authors and to find out more about Dave Arneson Game Day 2020.



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