Wednesday, August 12, 2020

New WotC Survey Has Questions About Dave Arneson

 Wizards of the Coast keep sending me these surveys and I am not sure if there is much point to me answering any of them since, even though I play 5th Edition (I play and enjoy all editions of D&D), I don't think they particularly care about my answers. 

Many of the questions this time around were, not surprisingly related to the Covid-19 situation and to virtual platforms/tools for gaming. However, I was surprised to see two questions related to famous D&D Game designers and see Dave Arneson's name listed as one of the possible answers!

The first questions was about what Game Designers you recognize and the second one was about what names would make you more likely to buy a product. 

Could this mean WotC are considering returning to Dave Arneson's Blackmoor? 

Wishful thinking for sure, but I made sure to click on Dave's name. 

The other names were a combination of current WotC designers and former WotC and TSR era designers. There were several names missing from the list than I would have liked to see on there, but I did like seeing Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Jeff Grubb and David Zeb Cook on the list. Again, it would be cool if this could mean something for Dragonlance, Spelljammer or even Taladas. 

Anyway, I am probably putting too much thought into this, but since I took the time completing the survey, I do think I should be getting something out of this! :D

Take the survey here (vote for Dave!)



  1. link to survey added! Thanks Tim! :)

  2. They are definitely trying to gauge if their fanbase has ever HEARD of these classic authors. It was so long though I started to phone in my answers haha

    1. Given that some of them are still working hard in the broader industry I think most people know at least of few of them. Monte Cook's good at self-promotion, and both Tweet and Heinsoo are (deservedly, IMO) well regarded.

  3. I did my survey earlier today, and plugged Dave Arneson as well. Here’s hoping!

  4. Well, that took a while. I suspect they are going to be getting a lot of near useless info out of a lot of those questions, many of which are clearly not considering COVID-19. Plugged all my pet designers. Refused to identify either my gender or ethnic background - I'd have skipped age as well but given that I admitted to playing since 1978 I think they can figure out I'm not Gen-Z.

    I'm not the only one who had a hard time only listing three favorite settings, am I? Finally settled on Dark Sun, Planescape, and Spelljammer (which I raved about later on) but it felt really bad leaving poor Birthright off. And where the hell was Mystara? Bah!

    1. In hindsight I should have been a real dick and stuck Empire of the petal Throne in as a favorite setting write-in. Missed opportunity, alas. :)

    2. Its the thought that counts! :) EPT is awesome.


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