Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Greyhawk goes to Blackmoor!

Greyhawk and Blackmoor. The connection between those two realms goes back to the home campaigns of Dave and Gary. However, when Greyhawk was reorganized in order to become a published setting, the name Blackmoor and was included without much thought to what Arneson's campaign actually had been like. Since that time, both Greyhawk and Blackmoor have changed and grown. This gives us a lot to talk about! For this reason, we have opened a Greyhawk Blackmoor Section at the Comeback Inn. We already have a few Greyhawk experts along with the diehard Blackmoor loonies like myself. Lets hope more join in the days ahead! :) -Havard


  1. Just what we need. More loonies. ;)

  2. Aquaria wants equal rights!
    I made a blog post about the journey from Greyhawk to Blackmoor to Wilderlands to Aquaria and back to Greyhawk.
    Blackmoor Oerth Wilderlands Aquaria

  3. I am glad you guys approve! I have been a bit busy of late, but am back to generating more discussion there now with the help of a few other Greyhawk/Blackmoor enthusiasts.

    Random Wizard: As you may know I am a big fan of Aquaria too. :) If we can generate enough discussion in the General Discussion forum on other worlds connected to Blackmoor they will get their own rooms too :)



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