Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fight On! to End?

I just noticed via the Akratic Wizardry Blog that the Fight On! magazine is approaching its final issue. Fight On! Fight On holds a special place for me, not the least because of the 2nd issue being dedicated to Dave Arneson. It included the last known interview with Dave and also contained Robert Lionheart's report from his game with Dave at Gen Con as well as Greg Svenson's essay on the First Dungeon Adventure.
Fight On! #2 dedicated to Dave Arneson

Later issues also contained high quality material relevant for Blackmoor fans such as Rob S. Conely's Wilderlands Map expansion (#3), Dan Bogg's article on Champions of ZED (#13) and much more. You can read more about Fight On! at their website here.

Hopefully the end of the magazine will not be the end of the fight! :)



  1. The Wilderlands issue is the only one I bought. I thought Conley's stuff was terrible as a Wilderlands expansion, but pretty good as a fantasy mythic Russia type thing. It lacked any of the weird Sword & Planet vibe I associate with actual Wilderlands, and he deleted most of the Great Glacier to make room for Russian type stuff.
    If I were to do the same area it'd be much weirder with Ice Worms, strange alien frost races, valley high-tech lost alien civilisation type stuff.

  2. Thanks for the input S'mon! :) My own Vales Campaign has been expanding into the same region from the Blackmoor side of things. I gave some nod to Conley there, but like you I greatly expanded the Great Glacier. My version is intended to be more Celtic/Blackmoor flavored though.


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  Happy Gary Gygax Game Day 2023!