Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toska Rusa Miniature Available!

As I reported a few weeks back, the Blackmoor miniatures are back! ArmorcastDLL is not allowed to use the Blackmoor Trademark names, but these miniatures are still the same ones that Lance & Laser made during the Zeitgest Games Era of Blackmoor products. Even more exciting, this includes the limited edition Toska Rusa miniature that apparently Lance & Laser never got around to making! Toska Rusa is of course as most of you will know, the queen of the Afridhi, detailed in DA4 The Duchy of Ten.

Best news of all, these miniatures are all available now! As Glenn from Armorcast writes:

 The minis are all up in the webstore. I have found three minis that were late releases and the limited miniature. The Frogmen set was one of the last to be listed, the evil sorceress was the limited miniature and the casting sorceress was the regular production variant, that was never released. Are all available here at www.armorcast.com under Lance and Laser miniatures.

I know that Armorcast will have one new customer for sure. How about the rest of you? Visit Armorcast's website now.

More details on which miniatures you need to get here.


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