Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blackmoor Miniatures Return in 2013!

When Dave Arneson's company Zeitgeist Games announced that they were relauncing Blackmoor back in 2003, the company Lance & Laser obtained the lisence to produce miniatures for the setting. The miniature line included Ash Goblins, Beastmen, Afridhi, Thouls and other classic Blackmoor creatures. I posted more pictures and details about these miniatures in this blog article.

Now the old Dave Arneson miniatures are due to return thanks to Armorcast LL:

"All of the old Arneson Select molds and masters have been purchased by Armorcast at The miniatures will be re-released during the first quarter of 2013.
 -Steve aka Ginfritter VP Armorcast LLC"
This could be my chance to finally get my own Blackmoor miniatures! :)



  1. Just so everyone understands, we do not have the license to sell the minis as Blackmoor nor use any of the game specific names. we just own the Sculpts and molds and will be re-listed as generic Fantasy miniatures.

    Armorcast LLC

  2. Thanks for sharing this Ginfritter. As was mentioned in the Comeback Inn discussion, many of us missed the chance of buying these miniatures the first time around, so we are pretty excited about seeing them return! :)


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